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Lifting warehouse and factory floors

We can re-level the floor of any facility whilst normal operations continue

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Logistic Centres

Stabilising and re-levelling concrete floor

Geobear is a leader in stabilisation and re-leveling of large facility floors. Where a concrete slab has dropped due to voids in the ground, or settled due to a weight burden Geobear has a technical solution that can be employed with minimal impact to business operations.

The process requires no major construction or excavation work and it can be completed incrementally, meaning only a small area of a floor needs to be closed off at any one time. Crucially, this means there is little to no impact on normal operations, businesses can continue as normal whilst Geobear methodically moves across a site to stabilise or lift the floor.

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Factories, Warehouses, Industrial

We commonly work on sites that have high racking and use autonomous machines to move goods. The impact on racking alignment from slight movement in the floor levels is increased with the height, in some cases machines have been known to fail. Our system uses precise laser monitoring to ensure the floor is brought back to within 0.25mm tolerance, thus enabling the continued use of autonomous machines.

The options for a busy site to deal with uneven floors are limited. Ceasing operations will have a large impact on the bottom line, which is why the major facility owners choose Geobear to implement a solution. We have worked on some of the largest spaces in Europe where we have stabilised and levelled up to 80,000 sq ft of concrete flooring.

Geobear have a dust-free methods enabling us to work on any site, under any condition. We also provide stabilisation and re-leveling to slabs outside facilities which are impacting vehicle movement and have stabilised large rail based crane lifting machines.

We will provide a site visit anywhere in the region to give an assessment or propose a solution.

Geobear makes sure logistical centres and manufacturing facilities stay open, productive, profitable and safe. 

Advantages of The Geobear Systm

The Geobear solution is:


Using our pioneering geopolymer technology the work is finished in days, compared with the few weeks or months traditional repair methods can take. With Geobear, trucks and factory machinery can start moving again just 15 minutes after the work. We are by far the quickest solution available.


Our work creates a firm base which reduces the risk of cracking and potholes, and extends the life of slabs. We use accurate lasers for monitoring, and can retreat easily if needed. In close to 40 years, our materials have never failed.

Cost effective

Geobear is 50%-60% cheaper than other solutions. Because our work causes minimal disruption, loss of revenue is low.

Environmentally friendly

Compared with other methods, our carbon footprint is very low. Materials will not affect ground water.

About Geobear

Pioneering Ground Improvement Since 1983

Geobear is an international foundation repair company treating subsidence, settlement, and other ground instability issues. Our fast, cost-effective, and innovative solutions stabilise the ground, fill voids, and lift slabs in the UAE and beyond with minimal disruption. We’ve treated over 200,000 properties across the globe. Because of this, Geobear is a trusted partner for industry and homeowners alike.