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Port & Harbour Infrastructure Stabilisation

We stabilise the ground beneath Port bays and approaches to ensure the smooth transit of traffic

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Ports & Harbour Subsidence Solutions

The constant presence of large amounts of water means that ports and harbours are areas which experience frequent problems with ground voids, ground subsidence and structure sinking.

Moisture has the power to do significant damage to the stabilisation of structures, and this damage has the potential to lead to dangerous accidents that we think should be entirely avoidable.

Here at Geobear, we are experts on ground stabilisation in a huge number of different environments, including harbour and port stabilisation. Geobear can help with raising, re-leveling and re-supporting seaports, dockside facilities, crane rails, port terminal pathways and drive lanes etc.

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Old Port Stabilisation

Old ports are not built and designed for the sizes of today’s ships and loads, which means they can often struggle to handle the weight – this can result in settlement problems. Seaport pavements are frequently subjected to huge carriers and forklifts carrying very heavy containers to and from ships.

As such, over time port stabilisation can often be required.

Geobear provides a range of ground stabilisation solutions that help in these situations. These include re-leveling, re-supporting and raising ports, harbours and docksides, port terminal pathways, drive lanes and crane rails. Additionally, wharves, seawalls and weirs can be corrected. Years of erosion can result in seawalls, dams, weirs and ponds that need to be re-consolidated.

Our material provides an impermeable barrier for water side assets

Geobear keep ports safe and running without interruption.

Our port stabilisatiosolution is:

Extremely fast

While traditional underpinning methods can take months to complete, Geobear’s stabilisation work can be carried out in a matter of just hours. Normal business can resume as soon as work is finished.

Low cost

The Geobear subsidence solution is extremely cost-effective compared to other methods. The fact that it is so fast and non-disruptive means you don’t suffer losses due to having to put business on hold for an extended period.

Precise and accurate

Our stabilisation and slab-lifting procedures are monitored using laser technology to ensure that the ground is raised to exactly the right level. This creates a strong base underfoot, which also helps to extend the service life of cracked slabs.

Kind to the environment

The carbon footprint of Geobear geopolymer ground injection is very low compared to traditional underpinning. The materials that we use do not affect the groundwater. We have carried out over 100,000 projects using our methods, in 50 different countries. This shows the efficiency and safety of our procedures. We are committed to protecting people and the environment.

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