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Railway Subsidence & Stabilisation

We treat the ground beneath slab-track to prevent pumping - a major problem caused by Weakened ground beneath slabs.

70% FASTER - 30% GREENER - Ground Engineering Solutions

Track Stabilisation & Life Extension

Using the Geobear system, we deliver fast ground injection solutions that improve the ground beneath the affected sections of track within short possessions. The result is a fully stable sub-base meaning line speeds can be restored and passenger delays minimised.

The consequences of railway delays not only impacts the passenger, but also the operator and the track maintainer. It’s vital that remediation is completed quickly and in a way that leads to as short an interruption of service as possible. Geobear’s unique solution is the fastest possible method to achieve stabilised track beds.

This presentation outlines the Geobear solutions for railway challenges and presents the results of the world-first geopolymer project to stabilise an embankment.

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Geobear’s innovative geopolymer injection method

Geobear’s uses an innovative geopolymer injection method to relevel slabs and provide support to permanent way, platforms, hardstanding areas, buildings and weighbridge areas that are experiencing unwanted subsidence movement.

Unlike concrete underpinning, no excavations are involved; there is minimal requirement for plant and machinery and we can work with limited access. Large areas can be treated at the same time, and work can be programmed within a single possession with the track handed back to the operator in full working order. If possession time is at a premium we can treat smaller areas and you’re safe in the knowledge that a particular section is stabilised and can be handed back for live running within thirty minutes.

Advantages of Geobear’s geopolymer injection method


Railway track, platforms, buildings, weighbridges and hardstanding areas experiencing subsidence can all be treated in a more quickly than traditional underpinning methods. The Geobear geopolymer method can be carried out in as little as a few hours.

Minimum disruption

We work to suit the requirements of the specific project we are working on, to reduce rail possession time, which is of course an important CDM consideration. We can even work during the night if needed, in order to create as little disruption as possible.


Because we carry out our work with the utmost precision using laser monitoring, it is an efficient and long-lasting solution. Over 35 years the methods and materials we use have never failed.


The Geobear method’s carbon footprint is low compared to traditional underpinning. We also follow a strict Zero Harm policy that applies to the environment and to our employees and the public.

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