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Ground Stabilisation

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Ground Stabilisation

Having strong foundations under your home or business should not be underestimated—foundations collapsing can cause catastrophic damage. Being proactive can prevent this from happening. If you’ve got problems with sinking foundations, you should act as quickly as possible to make sure that your building remains stable and safe.

This is where Geobear comes in. Our team of specialist ground engineering contractors are experts in ground, earth and soil stabilisation and can deal with whatever ground type or foundation you’ve got. Whatever the soil type – be it clay, sand or any other variety – Geobear can help.

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What is Soil Stabilisation?

Ground stabilisation or soil stabilisation is the process of making changes to the soil to improve its ability to bear weight and to increase its tensile strength. This creates a more reliable basis for building and construction works and can remedy existing issues with earth and subsoils that are causing problems.

There are various different methods of soil or ground stabilisation available. The most modern and effective type, used by Geobear, is geopolymer resin injection.

Stabilisation Through Resin Injection

We use an innovative resin injection method for stabilising buildings. Stabilisation is the first port of call for making your foundations secure and preventing any further structural movement.

Our injection solution for ground, earth and soil stabilisation is a controlled process whereby geopolymer resin is injected into the ground to prevent movement, without raising any of the existing slabs or structures.

The stabilisation process uses resin injected at points beneath a slab, pad or foundation, where it expands to fill any voids in underlying soils and compact any existing made ground. This high-precision technique is used under properties, roads, railways, airports and ports.

We design a grid pattern for stabilisation works under slabs and buildings

Where can Geobear stabilisation solutions be used

Residential and commercial property can settle or subside. Our fast injection process prevents future movement from occurring.

Where a road slab has sunk we can stabilise the strata to prevent further movement. We can also lift slabs to re-level roads.

Railway slab-track can rock casuing line speed restrictions, we can stabilise this to counteract the movement.

Our solutions are used around the world to stabilise sinking runway and taxiway slabs, we also correct by lifting.

Our geopolymer injection process can be used to stabilise buildings adjacent to new construction sites.

How the process works

Every single resin injection stabilisation project we do is given unique treatment. We choose a specific slow-expanding geopolymer resin for each job, depending on the ground type and foundation.

To achieve precision control, we set up multiple monitoring systems to ensure no more than 0.5mm of resistance on the structure. Fundamentally, this precision control measures a lateral lift far too small for the eye to see that indicates that the ground beneath has been stabilised and your building is now safe.

The geopolymer is injected into the soil beneath foundations or slabs, it then expands and binds with the soil or fill material. 

If soil subsidence is the main cause of your foundation woes, then resin injection is the far superior option, because of the way it binds with the soil. Concrete only adds mass to the existing foundation.