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How Does Geopolymer Stack Up?

Compare Geopolymer Injection to Traditional Underpinning.

70% FASTER - 30% GREENER - Ground Engineering Solutions

Faster, Cheaper and Less Disruption than Traditional Underpinning



Typical Time Taken:

Geopolymer Injection

1-2 days

Traditional underpinning

14-60 days


Geopolymer Injection

  1. Drill tiny holes into ground around property
  2. Inject Geo-polymer resin
  3. Fill holes and clean up

Traditional underpinning

  1. Dig out ground below and around property
  2. Pour new foundations or dig piles
  3. Wait for concrete to set
  4. Cover new foundations
  5. Re-landscape and replace paths/drives


Geopolymer Injection

  • No need to move out
  • Truck can be parked on road up to 300 ft. away

Traditional underpinning

  • Often need to move out during the project
  • Often need to clear rooms and lift floors
  • Access needed for construction equipment
  • Major groundworks
  • Skips required to dispose of soil
  • Significant noise and mess from digging

Procedure Cost:

Geopolymer Injection


Varies by property - quote

Traditional underpinning


Varies by property - Varies by property and supplier

Other Costs:

Geopolymer Injection

  • Fixing any damaged drains/tree roots which caused problem
  • Crack repairs and decorations

Traditional underpinning

  • Fixing any damaged drains/tree roots which caused problem
  • Crack repairs and decorations
  • Accommodation costs during works
  • Landscaping costs and re-laying paths

frequently Asked Questions

How many projects have you completed?

Geobear has completed over 200,000 projects worldwide over the last 37 years. We’ve completed over tens of thousands of residential projects as well as major projects for commerical properties, railways, airports, ports, and government agencies.

Will there be a mess?

Very little, if any. Our geo-polymer resin is injected through tiny holes drilled in the ground. It’s a bit like “keyhole surgery” so there is minimal excavation, disruption and mess. Nearly all our work is done outside the property and you don’t need to move out.

What happens to any cracks in the walls?

Wall cracks may close up as the building is raised, allowing simple final repairs to follow. Windows and doors will often unstick and work properly again.

We've treated over 200,000 structures worldwide

Each project is different and the time depends on the amount of lift needed, the area which needs treatment and the ground conditions. Most projects are fully completed within 1-2 days.

Do I need to move out?

Most projects won’t require the occupants to move out of their home and they may not even need to move furniture.

Is it safe and environmentally friendly?

Our resin is environmentally inert and has no detrimental effects on the environment.

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