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The Cost of Subsidence Treatment Options

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The Cost of Subsidence

Subsidence issues can be a potentially catastrophic problem for your home or business with much more to consider than just the cost of subsidence treatment. From visual issues to safety concerns, the problems caused by subsidence are wide-ranging. It is a problem that needs to be dealt with in a timely and professional manner. Below, we’ll explore some of the key considerations when it comes to costs and repairs.

Aesthetic Repair Costs

Among the cost of subsidence treatment is the treatment of aesthetic issues in your home. As subsidence worsens, cracks get larger, plaster can flake off, wallpaper can ruck at the edges, and brickwork can shift out of place. These issues can make your home look unappealing. When these issues get worse over time, it creates additional cost to repair paint, redo wallpaper, or correct the issue. Not to mention, these aesthetic issues can lower your property value when reselling the home. 

Functional Costs of Subsidence

In addition to the aesthetic threat to your property, there are a multitude of functional problems awaiting if your subsidence is not treated promptly. As subsidence issues get worse, the weakest structural points of your home may experience problems. You’ll typically see issues with doors and windows first. The distortion may cause windows or doors to stick and molding to crack. 

In severe cases of subsidence, plumbing pipes and electrical wiring can be damaged as the home settles or shifts on the foundation. This can cause problems with electrical functionality as well as plumbing function. While this can be unpleasant when you first notice issues, it can be dangerous in the long-term.

Catastrophic Costs of Subsidence

In extreme cases of subsidence, massive structural damage to your home can occur. If you start to notice significant structural damage, health and safety becomes a concern. When subsidence gets this severe, there is no time to waste and action must be taken immediately. As damage becomes structural, it can increase treatment costs by tens of thousands of dollars. This adds other costs as well including potentially remodeling entire sections of the home, digging up areas of the home, and moving out of the home temporarily.

Financial Implications of Subsidence

On top of the ancillary costs of subsidence, the cost of subsidence treatment only increases with time. As the problem gets worse, the cost of treatment can increase in correlation. As with any problem with your home, continued inaction can cause the problem to worsen. As damage goes from aesthetic to functional, the cost increases by tends of thousands of dollars. Importantly, these extensive repairs dwarf the cost of Geobear’s quick, clean and effective ground remediation solutions. Untreated subsidence can lead to significant loss of property and structural value, increased treatment costs, and increased costs to leave your home during repairs.

Why take the risk with your property? Do not leave it too late—it’s not worth it.

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